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Technical Data Sheet

Federal White Masonry Cement
Type N
CSA Designation A3002

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Federal White Masonry Cement Type N can be used to match, contrast, and compliment the colors of various masonry units, enhance the aesthetic color of a wall or coordinate other colors in a design.

Federal White Masonry Cement may be used for any masonry application where a white or a very light colored masonry joint is desired. Pure white masonry mortar is obtained with the use of a clean white sand. The use of local mason sands will produce a mortar color related to the color of the sand.

Federal White Masonry Cement, when proportioned with white sand, may be used with brick, cast stone, tile, pavers, concrete and glass block or for stucco applications.

Federal White Masonry Cement may be used to satisfy low alkali requirements.

Federal White Masonry Cement is manufactured to conform to all current requirements of CSA Designation A3002.

See table for physical properties.
Federal White Masonry Cement is complete as packaged, no admixtures are required or recommended.

Mix 1 bag (1 cu. ft.) of Federal White Masonry Cement Type N with 2 ¼ to 3 parts (cu. ft .) of well graded white mason sand meeting the requirements of CSA-A179. Use clean potable water, sufficient to produce a workable consistency. Materials should be mixed for a minimum of 5 minutes to produce CSA-A179 masonry mortar.

White masonry mortar is applied by the same methods as any other CSA-A179 mortar. Care should be taken during striking so that the joint will not darken. Acrylic or nylon tools are recommended.

Concrete and other products manufactured with Federal White Cement should require no additional maintenance if designed and constructed following proper and accepted procedures.
Federal White Masonry Cement complies with the current CSA-A3002. Federal White Cement makes no guarantee or warranty, expressed or merchantability with respect to this product.

Federal White Masonry Cement can be shipped to most destinations in the United States and Canada from our manufacturing plant or terminals located near most major cities. Shipments can be made by rail or truck in bulk or bag.

The price, F.O.B. destination, of Federal White Masonry Cement will be furnished by the manufacturer upon request.

Technical service, consultation, and additional product information are available by contacting Federal White Cement.
Physical Properties