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About Federal
White Cement

Federal White Cement is a major manufacturer of white Portland cement. From its two-kiln manufacturing facility, FWC provides, and is known for, its time-tested consistent high quality white cement. Federal White Cement was established in 1979. Through modernizations in 1999, 2007, and most recently in 2018, Federal White Cement increased production capabilities at the plant while maintaining excellent quality control to become one of the most modern white cement manufacturing facilities in North America.

Federal White Cement is able to offer its material throughout various markets across the United States and Canada through its vast distribution network. Terminals are located near many major cities. FWC continues to invest in their logistics infrastructure to provide timely and efficient deliveries to its extensive geographic base.

Federal White Cement’s sole business is white cement. Our people are committed to serving the industries that use white cement with the most consistent product available, technical support (on staff) and superior customer service that is difficult to find today.

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